Billy Galewood - known to many as Bushwalla - recently took the Louie CK approach to song writing and has retired every song he ever written under the name Bushwalla.

His sound is a variety of expressions that encompass honesty, vulnerability and laughter. Billy is a story teller who uses music and comedy as a way to catapult his tales of madness to a very relatable and digestible state of being. Billy is a master at improvisation who weaves in and out of his "NOW MOMENT" material according to what each night has to offer. You will never see the same show twice.

Billy fully engages every crowd throughout his show. Offering them opportunities to break free of minds resistance to party during his shows. 

He is quoted saying "My show is like a kids birthday party....for adults." 

Don't let the kid quote fool you. His shows are full of honest adult humor and music that explores sexuality, belief systems and dance.

News & Updates

new single with eric schwartz - hey buddy





The Very last Bushwalla album

"Ordinary Tales of Madness" is finally here! 

Buy it over at http://bushwallamusic.bandcamp.com/album/ordinary-tales-of-madness




Zero to billy 


Entertainer and singer-songwriter, Billy Galewood, formerly known as Bushwalla, has created his own weekly improv comedy show titled “Zero to Billy” at Java Joes in Normal Heights San Diego. It's a show about creating a show.  “Zero to Billy” features special surprise guests every week. Past guests have included Jason Mraz, Jose Sinatra, Tolan Shaw, sketch comedy groups and other talented artists. Galewood marks “Zero to Billy,” which started in February, as a reinvention of himself and looks forward to engaging with his audience in a new way. “I see myself as a storyteller, which is why at every show I present a new concept right on stage and improv my way throughout the entire night – never know what you’re going to get,” said Galewood. “After I retired my Bushwalla persona in December 2015, I knew I wanted to pursue something different but wasn’t sure what that was until I came up with the idea of having a show that pushed me beyond my music to also showcase improv. I do a lot of risk taking at the show where I share my thoughts on the spot, but I’m here to entertain– my audience is there for an honest experience and that’s exactly what I am going to give them.” At the end of the hour show, Galewood asks the audience to deliver feedback on what they enjoyed most, which helps him craft the next weeks’ show. “Zero to Billy,” a fusion of “Saturday Night Live” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” features Shakespearian rap songs, juggling and whatever he chooses in the moment.

Watch Zero To Billy here: https://youtu.be/Sqeq3OzhDOM